ANGEL Platform

: a groundbreaking technology that empowers a new generation of manufacturing biotherapeutics

The advantages of cell free protein synthesis (CFPS) over conventional cell-based protein expression have been recognized for decades as it minimizes the time-consuming cloning process and allows expression of protein of interest much faster (4 weeks vs. 6 months) at a lower cost. However, its application has been limited due to the low yield of proteins.

Progeneer’s ANGEL platform overcomes the limitations of conventional cell-based protein expression systems (including gene cloning, culture processes) and is a technology that can rapidly synthesize various proteins. First, DNA templates programmed with certain sequences are used to form a function-encoding, free-standing RNA hydrogel. The transcribed RNA self-assembles into an energetically favorable, phase-segregated sub-compartment for localized translation.

ANGEL™ platform

This robust, free-standing RNA hydrogel serves as a platform for in-vitro protein expression and enhances productivity by sub-compartmentalization. We were able to produce short peptides, insulin, and biotherapeutics such as rituximab and trastuzumab with a higher yield and the least amount of RNA. Proteins hardly expressed in cell-based system were also efficiently synthesized using ANGEL technology. Moreover, these RNA hydrogels can be reused 3-5 times without compromising the protein yield, a desirable platform for continuous protein expression.

ANGEL™ platform

Through ANGEL platform, Progeneer envisions a new paradigm for manufacturing biotherapeutics and expects to play an important role in tomorrow’s life science industry.

Truly individualized vaccine ProV
made possible by Progeneer’s technology.

The numerous technological breakthroughs in healthcare have revealed a great deal of inter-individual variation at the molecular level and the diseases processes. The underlying heterogeneity puts forward individualized medicine as the next generation of diagnosis and treatment.

Together with next-generation sequencing (NGS) and Progeneer’s proprietary ANGEL technology, we are able to deliver individualized cancer vaccine in 4 weeks.

Experts at Progeneer have extensive experience in analyzing the NGS data and identifying the sequences of the B cell receptors expressed on malignant B cells. Patient-specific antigen is synthesized in 2 weeks through ANGEL. Our ProLNG vaccine adjuvant can be applied to mount a stronger immune response against the cancer cells by boosting sequence-specific cytotoxic T cell responses. This individualized vaccine ProV can trigger a targeted robust response with the least amount of toxicity.

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