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[News Release] Progeneer Receives KDDF Grant for its Individualized Cancer Vaccine
Date : 2022.11.08


Progeneer Receives KDDF Grant for its Individualized Cancer Vaccine 

Seoul, Korea – Nov 08, 2022 – Progeneer Inc, a research-led biotechnology company with expertise in nanotechnology, today announced that it was awarded a New Drug  

Development grant by the Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) for its individualized cancer vaccine ProV-001. The KDDF project is a government-wide project that  

supports all stages of new drug development to increase global competitiveness of domestic biopharmaceutical industries. The grant will provide Progeneer funding to  

further advance its individualized cancer vaccine against B-cell lymphoma.


The underlying heterogeneity between patients occurring from mutations in tumor cells puts forward individualized medicine as the next generation of treatment.  

Scientific advances such as next-generation sequencing and bioinformatic technologies enabled identification of tumor specific mutations as well as potential immunogenic 
neoepitopes. Engineering therapeutic vaccines targeting these neoepitopes tailored to individual patients are a promising treatment option. 


In ProV-001, the dominant malignant clone of the B-cell receptor in each patient is identified using Progeneer’s technology and the antigen is engineered in 2 weeks  

through our cell-free protein synthesis platform ANGELTM. The individualized cancer vaccine will be provided together with in-house immunomodulator ProLNG to boost 

the cell-mediated immune response and optimize the therapeutic efficacy.


“We are honored to have received financial support to further advance our Individualized Vaccine Platform,” said Chul Kim, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of Progeneer. “We believe
our individualized vaccine can be a groundbreaking treatment 
to patients with B-cell lymphoma.”



About Progeneer Inc. 

Progeneer is a research-led biotechnology company dedicated to engineering life for the better by leveraging its expertise in nanotechnology. The company was founded
in 2019 and currently leverage three proprietary technology platforms: (1) ANGELTM cell-free protein synthesis; (2) ProLNG, a cholesterol capped TLR7/8 agonist as
immunomodulator; and (3) ProV, which is an individualized vaccine platform utilizing ANGELTM and ProLNG. For more information about Progeneer, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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